Health Infrastructure

Construction of State-Of-The-Art Modern Medical Facilities
Amandi has recently decided to bring its vast experience and capabilities in the design and construction fields and assist countries in Africa to improve their medical care with state of the Art, modern hospitals and medical centres. While every health project is unique, Amandi’s goals are in line with three of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals: Reduce Maternal mortality, Improve child health and combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. In addition we give great empahsize in providing next-generation medical services under COVID-19 restrictions and make sure we build necessary infrastructure for future
pandemic crises.
Amandi is currenetly constructing two tertiary hospitals in Ghana in a turnkey project.
Amandi’s capabilities in sourcing the funding for such projects enabled an attractive and efficient financing by international lenders and supported by Export Credit Agencies from Europe and Africa.