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Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo)

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Project Description

Amandi was contracted by GRIDCo to construct several transmission lines projects in Ghana.
The purpose of the projects was to transfer electricity from the future power substations, mentioned in the SCADA substation project, for the benefit of Ghanaian citizens.
The new Transmission lines became a part of an existing transmission line mounted to the northern part of Ghana.
In the construction of the towers, Amandi also constructed various infrastructures along the routes including earthworks and access roads. A special engineering capability was demonstrated by constructing several towers at sea and connecting it to the Karpower ship.

1. 330 KV Abuadze – Prestea Power Enhancement Project.
A 75 km long transmission line, consisting of 176 Lattice Towers. This project was constructed in 30 months and was commissioned in 2019.

2. 161 KV Transmission line between Karpower ship to Smelter II Substation in Tema.
A 10 km long transmission line consisting of 22 Lattice Towers and 2 towers mounted at sea. It was constructed in 6 months and was completed and commissioned in 2016. These transmission lines connect the GRIDCo’s substation in Tema to the Karpower ship.

3. 330 KV Transmission Line between Karpower ship to Takoradi.
A relatively complicated project combining marine and land engineering capabilities- A 10 km long transmission lines consisting of 25 Lattice towers and 2 at sea towers. It was constructed in a record time of only 6 months and was commissioned in 2019.

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